Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Like any supplement, some people taking CBD may experience side effects. While many do not notice any negative impacts on their health, some have reported side effects ranging from mild to severe. 

It should be noted that anyone considering taking CBD should consult their doctor first before trying it. Some products can interact with various medications, so talking to a doctor beforehand will help negate any possible negative reactions. Many of the negative side effects reported were directly linked to misuse of the CBD product; however, as CBD is still relatively new to the market, research is still being conducted. 

What CBD side effects have been reported? 

Some of the milder side effects of CBD include dry mouth, light headedness, and drowsiness. Nausea can also be experienced by people who ingest CBD supplements, but this depends on the person’s sensitivity to CBD and the amount they ingest. 

One of the more severe side effects experienced has been liver damage, but this has only been reported with a high dose of a prescription form of CBD, called Epidiolex. This side effect is more common for those with liver disease, who should only take small doses of CBD. 

Who shouldn’t take CBD? 

Always check with your doctor before taking any form of CBD supplement, especially if you take additional medication. While research is still being done, we recommend avoiding CBD use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Children are approved to take specific CBD products, but at a very low dose. Those with liver disease should likely take a lower dose of CBD but may want to avoid use altogether. 

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