People using medical equipment rental including a wheelchair and a walk while out in an open area with concrete and steps

Medical Equipment Rental in Cincinnati


Life happens. Sometimes we find ourselves temporarily ill or injured (or need to take care of loved ones who are) and in need of medical equipment rental. If you’re looking to rent a hospital bed, knee scooter, or another piece of medical equipment, we’ve got what you need right around the corner.


At Mullaney’s, we rent a variety of medical equipment* for a week or a month at a time. With three convenient locations in the Cincinnati area providing medical supply services, you can easily pick up what you need. Need it for a month or longer? We can deliver**!




*Credit Card is required for all rentals and will automatically be charged if the equipment is rented past the return date.


**Delivery is only available for monthly rentals

Wheelchair Rentals (Footplates Included)

We rent wheelchairs with footplates in a variety of sizes, in both standard and heavy duty. Equipment can be borrowed by the week or by the month. We also offer elevating leg rests (without a wheelchair) for rent.

Transport Chair 17×17; 19×17 up to 250#

Weekly – $40.00

Monthly -$60.00

Standard 16×16; 18×16; 20×16 up to 250#

Weekly – $55.00

Monthly -$75.00

Heavy Duty 20×18; 22×18 up to 350#

Weekly – $80.00

Monthly -$155.00

Heavy Duty 22×16; 24×18 up to 350#

Weekly – $55.00

Monthly -$125.00

Heavy Duty 24×18; 26×18 up to 450#

Weekly – $80.00

Monthly -$155.00

Elevating Legrest with or without wheelchair rental

Weekly – $15.00 w/wheelchair rental
Monthly – $55.00 w/wheelchair rental
Monthly – $65.00 w/o wheelchair rental

Knee Walker Rentals


Foot injuries or other setbacks don’t have to mean sitting around all day. Renting a knee scooter is a great way to rest your leg while still getting around. They are safer to use than crutches and are lightweight and portable.

Knee Walker; up to 300#

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$95.00

Hospital Bed Rentals (and Bed-related Equipment)


Renting hospital beds and hospital bed equipment make caring for a loved one much easier. With semi-electric or electric options and mattresses and rails included, you can feel confident their bedrest will be safe and comfortable. In addition to hospital bed rentals, we also offer accessories including over the bed tables, trapezes, and patient lifts.

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed w/mattress & rails

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$165.00

Full-Electric w/mattress & rails(limited)

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$200.00

Over the Bed Table

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$55.00

Trapeze w/floor stand

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$99.00

Patient Lift w/standard sling

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$139.00

Wheelchair Ramps


Relying on a walker or wheelchair to get around makes steps inconvenient obstacles. We rent several different types of wheelchair ramps in several different lengths. Portable and lightweight, our ramps give just the right amount of incline to safely cross a few steps from one level to the next.

Suitcase; 4ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$105.00

Suitcase; 5ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$110.00

Suitcase; 6ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$125.00

Trifold; 7ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$150.00

Trifold; 8ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$155.00

Trifold; 10ft

Weekly – N/A

Monthly -$165.00

Medical Equipment Rental Terms & Agreement


This is a contract of renting and not of sale, the undersigned renter agrees that he has rented the item(s) herein described upon the express condition that it will at all times remain the property of Mullaney Medical, Inc: that he/she has examined said item, found it to be in good condition and will return it in as good condition when he/she received it, ordinary wear and tear expected; that he/she will return at once to Mullaney Medical, Inc if item stops functioning properly, that he/she will pay promptly when due all charges which accrue because of this rental, including damages to said item.


In the event the renter fails to return said item at the agreed time or fails to abide by any other terms of this contract, Mullaney Medical, Inc may repossess it without further notice to the renter, and Mullaney Medical, Inc is hereby released from all claims arising. All charges are based on the time the item is in renters’ possession whether in use or not.


Mullaney Medical, Inc is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly through the use of the rented item.


Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization


I, hereby authorize Mullaney Medical, Inc to charge my credit card in the amount of $____________________ on a monthly basis for as long as I have the rented equipment out on lease or the rental period caps out through my insurance. I understand that after the equipment is returned there may be a remaining balance put on my credit card depending on the terms of the rental period.


At the time of return, I have the option to pay the balance in another form of payment. Mullaney Medical, Inc also has the right to charge my credit card for any damages done to the equipment while I am leasing it. If the equipment is not repairable Mullaney Medical, Inc has the right to charge the purchase price of the equipment minus the rental payments paid by the renter.


In the event the renter fails to abide by any terms in the signed agreement above Mullaney Medical, Inc has the right to charge my credit card for the purchase price minus the rental paid by the renter.

Medical Equipment Rental Request Form

If you would like to request medical equipment rental please complete the form below. A Mullaney’s representative will contact you within the next business day to confirm.