Hospital Beds for Sale or Rent in Cincinnati


Hospital beds don’t have to just be for hospital use. Whether you’re battling a chronic condition or just have a temporary injury, these special beds can be a useful piece of equipment to have in your home. Mullaney’s is proud to offer a selection of beds and accessories to help you live your most comfortable life. If you don’t need a bed long-term, don’t worry! We provide hospital bed rentals from the top suppliers. No matter your condition, we can help you sleep better and live better.

Woman laying in hospital bed while doctor checks heart with stethoscope

Why should I use a hospital bed in my home?


If you’re considering hospital beds for your home, think about what you need to live the lifestyle you want. Maybe you’re recovering from surgery, can’t move around much, and want to be able to sit up or change position with little effort. Perhaps you just need help getting up in the morning. No matter your reason, hospital beds may be essential for your continued comfort and standard of living.


People use hospital beds for many reasons. Lack of mobility can lead to bed sores, joint pain, and circulation issues. All of these can be minimized by frequently changing positions. These beds can help you change positions with ease and reduce risk of further injury or pain. You may also need a hospital bed because you need help getting out of or into bed. Lowing or raising the height of the bed can greatly help reduce the risk of losing your balance or collapsing.

Hospital Bed Accessories


There are a few essential accessories every home hospital bed should have, including bed rails and bedding.

Mullaney’s is here to help you choose the bed that is right for you. We’ll work directly with you and your medical provider to keep you as comfortable as possible. Call or visit a Mullaney’s location near you to learn more!