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Bathroom Safety Equipment for Sale in Cincinnati


bathroom-safety-showerBathroom safety is very important when recovering from an injury or battling a chronic condition. Slipping and falling in the shower can result in permanent injury and even death. Even losing your balance will have devastating consequences.  That’s why Mullaney’s Medical Supply carries a full range of bathroom safety products. We provide everything from shower mats to security handles to keep you as safe as possible. Allow us to help you choose the products you need!


When it comes to the safety of yourself or a loved one, many companies charge higher-than-average prices. Why? This is because they know people will pay a large sum to keep their loved ones healthy. Not Mullaney’s! We’re dedicated to helping you or your loved one with bathroom safety at a fair and affordable cost. There is nothing more important than staying healthy and happy. Avoiding injury shouldn’t mean paying an arm and a leg.


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Bathroom Safety Equipment

Shower and Bath Mats

The floor of your tub or shower gets slick when wet, and therefore you are more susceptible to slipping and falling. Bath and shower mats create a more grippy and solid surface to stand on.

Bath Chairs and Accessories

Bath chairs provide support and positioning for adults who cannot support themselves. Our range of chairs and accessories come from top brands like NOVA Medical Products and EZ Access. Shop these brands below!

Bathroom Grab Bars

Sometimes, all you need is something to hold on to. Mullaney’s has bathroom grab bars that can be attached to the wall, tub, and anywhere else you need extra support. Each is durable, easily installed, and able to withstand anything.

If bathroom safety is a concern for you and/or your loved one, Mullaney’s Medical Supply has you covered. We have a wide range of products, so you can be sure we have what you want and need. Call or stop in today for more information!