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Mobility Scooters for Sale or Rent in Cincinnati


Mobility scooters offer a lot when it comes to your personal freedom. They go beyond the usual capabilities of manual wheelchairs and walking aids by allowing you to travel with less hassle. Little effort is required to operate one, meaning you have more energy for other everyday tasks. Electric scooters could be your ticket to the mobility and independence you want without sacrificing your energy.


These mobility aids are easier to assemble and maneuver than wheelchairs. They tend to be smaller than your standard electric wheelchair, so you can fit through smaller spaces. This mobility aid is ideal for crowded places or smaller homes. They also tend to move faster than wheelchairs due to their size and accessibility. 

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Mobility Scooters: How to Choose


Choosing the right mobility aid for you is very important. While there are positive aspects of all mobility products (wheelchairs, walking aids, etc.), there are other things you have to consider. Your lifestyle and condition, for instance, are the two biggest factors.


Scooters are most often used by people who need help getting around public places. These include locations such as the mall or the grocery store. People who use them should be able to get from the car or your home without the help of another mobility aid. 


Balance is also an important skill to have when considering scooters. Many have only three wheels, so tipping over could happen if satisfactory balance and strength are not skills you possess.



Portable/Travel Scooters


Portable designs disassemble easily for transport in the trunk of most vehicles. Because of this, they are also more lightweight than most. They are also very compact, making them great options for travel. 



3-Wheel Scooters


The biggest feature of 3-wheel designs is maneuverability. If you need a scooter that can turn on a dime and give you full range of motion, 3-wheel options are for you. 



4-Wheel Scooters


4 wheels are ideal for maximum stability. They are great for outdoor use, especially for rough terrain like gravel roads or bumpy pavement. Although the turning radius is wider, the stability they offer is unmatched by other models. 


If you think a mobility scooter may be the right mobility aid for you, Mullaney’s carries a wide variety. We carry only the most reputable brands like Golden Technologies and EZ Access. We will work directly with you and your medical provider to find the right medical equipment and supplies for you. If you are in need of a mobility aid, call 513-587-1470 or visit us today to take one for a test drive.