People using medical equipment rental including a wheelchair and a walk while out in an open area with concrete and steps

Medical Supply in Cincinnati: Open to the Public!


At Mullaney’s, we promise to deliver quality medical supplies at an affordable cost while providing outstanding customer service. For the last 80 years, our locally-owned business in Cincinnati has grown into its third generation of commitment to the health and wellness of our community. We are open to the public and ready to serve you.


Your medical supply is a very important and personal part of your life. You may rely on it for mobility, comfort, or general functioning. Regardless of what you need help with, you deserve the best-quality products for a fair and reasonable price. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a range of products to suit your every need. We’ll work with you, your insurance company, and your medical team to find the best equipment for you and your lifestyle. Don’t sacrifice the life you want for something out of your control.


With five locations across the Greater Cincinnati area, our compassionate team includes professionals who can assist you with anything in the realm of home healthcare. Whether it’s medical supplies, mobility products, or devices that make aging in place easier and safer, we’re here to help.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment

Go Where You Want, When You Want with Ease and Comfort

Have you ever missed out on a family event because you couldn’t get there with ease? Graduations, sporting events, and even family dinners can be too difficult to get to. This makes you miss out on important family time and even milestones due to something out of your control. Don’t fall behind, keep up with high-quality and affordable mobility equipment from Mullaney’s.

Wheelchair Ramps


Before you even go outside your home, you should make sure you can navigate the place you live with ease. That’s why we provide the best ramps on the market.


Wheelchairs, Motorized Scooters and Lift Chairs


Along with lifts and ramps, we also sell wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and lift chairs to help you live your most comfortable life. We sell the lightest wheelchairs on the market, and our lift chairs comfortably and safely help you transition from a sitting to standing position with ease. A more comfortable life for you means a better quality of life!

Injury Recovery Equipment

Recover Quickly Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

Injuries can put your entire life on hold anywhere from weeks to months, and in some cases even years. It may be minor, such as a sprained wrist or ankle, to back injuries that require constant care and attention. No matter what your injury may be, Mullaney’s has the injury recovery supplies you need to maintain your quality of life.

Compression Apparel


Many sports injuries require compression of some sort to heal faster and get you back to doing what you love. Mullaney’s has a variety of compression products to help heal your injury. From socks to sleeves to full-length stockings, you have many options to choose from. If you don’t know which compression product to choose, we’re happy to help you work with your medical provider to select the best product that will get you back out there doing what you love!

Cast Covers and Protective Gear


We also provide protective gear to keep your injury safe when out and about. For example, if you’ve broken your arm and want to go swimming, we provide cast covers! You don’t have to miss out on the fun just because of an injury.

Medical Equipment Rental

Find Temporary Solutions at Affordable Prices

Medical equipment and supplies can get expensive. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort and quality of life because of high prices. We rent medical equipment that is high-quality and guaranteed to get the job done. We are always getting new items in, so keep an eye on the list to remain up-to-date on our latest arrivals.


We rent out anything from ramps and wheelchairs to scooters and even hospital beds. If your injury or condition is only temporary, renting your equipment can save you a lot of money. All of our rental equipment is kept to the highest standards and comes with the promise of working to your satisfaction. Medical conditions are expensive enough, so don’t empty your bank account for medical supply you only need for a few months. Mullaney’s is dedicated to keeping you as comfortable and mobile as possible without breaking your bank.

Oxygen and Breathing Equipment

Breathe Easy and Affordably with Mullaney’s Oxygen and Breathing Equipment

When you need to breathe but don’t know where to turn, call Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply. We offer a full range of oxygen products, including concentrators, sensors, and portability gear. Any number of medical conditions, be it temporary or chronic, may require you to have oxygen on-hand. Breathe easy knowing Mullaney’s offers the products you need at a price you can afford.

CPAP and BiPAP Machines


Along with concentrators, we also carry a full range of CPAP and BiPAP products. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition, so don’t trust lower-quality products to keep you breathing at night. Investing in your health means investing in your future. We’ll work with you and your doctor to find the products that are right for you!

Your Local Source For Medical Supplies

Whether your condition is temporary or chronic, Mullaney’s has everything you need. Find the medical supplies near you at a price you can afford, and don’t keep sacrificing your comfort for cost. Call or come visit today for more information!