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Medical Lift Chairs


If you’re looking for lift chairs in Cincinnati, look no further than Mullaney’s. We offer a wide selection of top-of-the-line chairs from leading manufacturer Golden Technologies. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, Mullaney’s Medical Supply has the perfect lift chair for you.

Lift Chair by Golden

Explore the Golden Technologies Lift Chair Collection


Convenient features and innovative advancements have made Golden Technologies the industry leader in life-enhancing medical lift chairs. Benefits like heat and massage, gel memory foam, and automatic footrest extension make these chairs more comfortable, more personal, and more popular than ever. High-performance stain and tear-resistant fabrics make these chairs more durable and longer-lasting.


These lift chairs are in it for the long haul. In addition to an extensive 40-point inspection, each chair is embedded with SmartTek technology which uses a system of LED lights so you can quickly diagnose any unlikely issues over the phone. And with an industry-leading warranty, you’ll have nothing to worry about in the rare case that something does go wrong with your lift chair.

MaxiComfort Series

Patented recline technology delivers a smooth and effortless transfer between positions. These chairs offer optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness, and relaxation for both your body and mind. Have a seat and discover for yourself why MaxiComfort lift chairs are the world’s most comfortable.

Signature Series

Available in three unique sizes to fit a wide range of users, the Signature Series brings the best of what Golden Technologies can offer. Using Space Saver technology, these lift chairs glide forward effortlessly and fit perfectly in nearly any room. Open-arm storage and a foldable tray provide the space and convenience you need.

Comforter Series

Find the lift chair that’s sized perfectly for you with more than 10 models to choose from. This chair has a plush design, exceptional lumbar support, and a full chaise pad so you have the power to achieve total body comfort. Relax and know that you’re sitting in a chair with the utmost quality, comfort, and style.

Value Series

Enjoy hours of comfort in a high-quality lift chair that’s easy on your budget. Three well-appointed styles provide a full spectrum of features and benefits: the Capri features a classic, button-back design, while Monarch models have a seam-back. You don’t have to pay a top price for top performance.

Medical Lift Chair Benefits


Investing in a lift chair can provide you or a loved one with a number of health benefits:


  • Provides assistance with getting up and down
  • Encourages better posture with proper support
  • Reduces pain associated with back and neck issues
  • Reduces joint pain


Additionally, they can be beneficial for people who are at risk for falls due to age or physical impairments. The convenience and comfort of having a lift chair is undeniable. Shop our selection today!

Choosing the Right Lift Chair


When deciding on the right lift chair recliner for you, there are several factors to consider. Along with the different features, colors, and styles it’s important to take into account things like size, the weight capacity, and your budget. Take the time to compare different models and read reviews to get an idea of user satisfaction before making a purchase.




Medical lift chairs can take up a lot of room. With different sizes and positions, it’s crucial to choose one that fits comfortably in the space available. A chair that is too big can make the room feel cramped, while a chair that is too small may not provide enough seating. Furthermore, a lift chair that takes up too much space may limit the user’s mobility and ability to move around the room freely.


Weight Capacity


A lift chair that is not designed to support the user’s weight can be dangerous and may lead to injuries. Insufficient weight capacity may also wear out quickly or become unstable, posing a risk to the user’s safety. It’s important you or your loved one can use the chair with confidence and without fear of injury or damage to the chair.




Adjustable foot and headrests. Massage capabilities. Lumbar support. Heat therapy. The features list for modern lift chairs goes on and on! Extra touches are appreciated, particularly for individuals who spend a significant amount of time sitting.


Adjustable foot and headrests can provide optimal positioning for relaxation and pain relief, while massage capabilities can help soothe sore muscles and improve circulation. Lumbar support and heat therapy can provide additional relief for back pain, making it easier to sit for extended periods without discomfort. Overall, considering features can help ensure that a lift chair provides the necessary comfort and support.

You’re going to love the reliable, comfortable features Golden Technologies medical lift chairs bring. Call us today at 513-587-1470 for more information or stop in the store to try one out yourself!