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Medi+Pak Medication Management Service


Medication management can be a difficult part of aging, chronic conditions, or recovering from injuries. Keeping track of what medications to take each day can be a hassle and taking the time to sort medicine into pill boxes may not be worth the effort. If you need a new solution to medication management, the Medi+Pak services at Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply may be the right choice for you.


How does Medi+Pak Work?


Medi+Pak is a medication management service in which your medications are separated into individual pouches based on the day and time you take them and delivered to you in a progressive roll of pouches.  Take a dose and the next packet is your next dose, all labeled with your name, the pouch contents, and the day and time they are due to be taken.

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Join the Program
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Call Mullaney’s and we will work directly with your doctor and your insurance to get you set up with our Medi+Pak program.

Prescriptions Delivered
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We will deliver your monthly Medi+Pak for FREE to anywhere in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky

Take Medications
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Open the packet labeled with today’s date and time and take your meds, the next packet on the Medi+Pak roll will be the next one you have to take.

Monthly Refill
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Mullaney’s will deliver a refill each month with your current medications.

Who Should Use Medi+Pak Medication Management Service?


Many people can benefit from this medication management service. For those aging in place, remembering to take medications can be difficult. You deserve an easy and smooth retirement, so don’t let lost or forgotten medicine complicate things.


Along the same lines, those with chronic conditions often require detailed medication management that makes it more difficult to remember when to take which pills. The convenience of being sent your monthly medications already separated into their own packages means more time for you to focus on other areas of your health.


Caregivers can greatly benefit from this program because it saves time and ensures the right medications are taken together. No more opening medicine bottles and counting pills or sorting medications into containers. You already have a lot on your plate, let Medi+Pak make life a little bit easier.

How much does Medi+Pak cost?


Medication management service can be expensive. Many systems make you pay extra fees to participate, which just adds more to your expensive medical bill. Mullaney’s Medi+Pak system is entirely FREE. All you have to pay for is your insurance copay, and that’s it! What’s better than an effective and useful medication management system? A free one!


Your medication management should be in your hands. When you need an accessible and easy way to take your medicine, look no further than the Medi+Pak services at Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply. Call or visit today to learn more!