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Medi+Pak Medication Management Service


Managing medications can be challenging, especially for patients who are aging, have chronic conditions, or are recovering from injuries. Remembering to take medications at specific times of the day can be difficult, and sorting pills into pillboxes can be time-consuming and require significant effort. This can result in patients missing doses or taking the wrong medication, which can have negative impacts on their health. Fortunately, Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply offers the Medi+Pak services to ensure that patients receive their medications on time and minimize the risk of medication errors.

Medi+Pak services provide a pre-packaged system that simplifies medication management for patients. This system ensures that patients take the correct medication at the appropriate time, leading to improved medication adherence and reduced chances of negative health outcomes. The Medi+Pak services offer an effective solution for patients who struggle with medication management. In addition, healthcare providers can benefit from these services as they can rest assured that their patients are taking their medication as prescribed, leading to better health outcomes for patients. By offering Medi+Pak services, healthcare providers can provide more comprehensive care to their patients, improving the overall quality of healthcare.


How does Medi+Pak Work?


Medi+Pak is a medication management service that separates your medications into individual pouches. They’re based on the day and time you take them and delivered to you in a progressive roll of pouches.  Take a dose and the next packet is your next dose, all labeled with your name, the pouch contents, and the day and time they are due to be taken.

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Join the Program
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Call Mullaney’s and we will work directly with your doctor and your insurance to get you set up with our Medi+Pak program.

Prescriptions Delivered
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We will deliver your monthly Medi+Pak for FREE to anywhere in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky

Take Medications
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Open the packet labeled with today’s date and time and take your meds, the next packet on the Medi+Pak roll will be the next one you have to take.

Monthly Refill
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Mullaney’s will deliver a refill each month with your current medications.

Who Should Use Medi+Pak Medication Management Service?


Taking medication can be a hassle, especially for older adults or those with chronic conditions. This medication management service can help make it easier. If you’re aging in place or have trouble remembering to take your medications, this service can simplify things for you. Your medications will be packaged in easy-to-use packs that are delivered right to your door.


If you have a chronic condition, you know how important it is to take your medications on time. Medi+Pak can help by sending you pre-packaged medication that makes it easier to remember what to take and when. This service can free up more time for you to focus on other areas of your health.


If you’re a caregiver, this service can be a lifesaver. You won’t have to spend time sorting medications or counting pills. The pre-packaged system ensures that the right medications are taken at the right time, making your job easier. With this service, you can focus on other important tasks and provide better care for your loved ones.