When Do You Need A Walking Aid?

Walking aids are very beneficial for people who have problems easily getting around, whether that be in their home or traveling from place to place. While it may seem obvious to some when they or a loved one need a walking aid, for others the choice becomes a little more complicated. Below are some suggestions for when you could benefit from the aid of a walker, cane, or other mobility device:

  • You have experienced multiple falls or “close calls” when standing or walking
  • You take medication that can sometimes makes you dizzy or feel off-balance
  • You have injuries or impairments that cause unbalanced gait
  • You have limited lower body strength, either from an injury or lack of use
  • You grow tired on outings that require walking or standing, especially to the point where it is impeding your ability to enjoy these events
  • You experience pain when walking or standing

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when you need a walking aid. Reduced mobility can dramatically reduce your independence and impede on your ability to enjoy life experiences. However, when you make that choice, Mullaney’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply has a variety of mobility products that could be right for you.

What is the right walking aid for you?

Two of the most common walking aids are canes and walkers. Both have their advantages and can be used in conjunction with each other to provide the maximum amount of support.

Canes are a great choice for when you’re walking short distances, especially in more crowded spaces since they can be easily tucked away. If you tend to favor one side of your body over the other, a cane is a good choice.

Walkers are more advantageous for long distances and provides more stability and support. If you are prone to falling, a walker can help prevent this.

To learn more about walking aids and which one is right for you, contact Mullaney’s today!