How to Get Prescription Refills

If you need your prescription refilled, Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply can do so quickly and easily. With three refill options and three locations, you won’t have a difficult time getting the medication you need in a timely manner.

Learn more about our prescription refill options below, and contact Mullaney’s for more information.

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Prescription Refill Options

Online Prescription Refills

One of the easiest ways to refill your prescription is to do so online. Simply select your preferred pharmacy, fill out the form, then select “Pickup” or “Delivery.” It’s that easy! Our delivery option will only apply if you live within ___ miles of your selected pharmacy.

Click here to refill your prescription online.

Call to Refill Your Prescription

A classic way to refill your prescription is to simply call into your local Mullaney’s pharmacy and give them the information directly. This is also an easy way to talk to the pharmacist and ask any questions or clear up any concerns you may have about your medication.

Prescription Refills on the MobileRx App

Available for Android and IOS devices, the MobileRx app makes refilling prescriptions on the go quick and easy. Simply download the app and fill out the prescription refill instructions! There’s never been an easier way to get the medication you need.

Learn More About Mullaney’s Pharmacy

Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply is a family owned and operated pharmacy and medical supplier serving the Greater Cincinnati area. Founded in 1936, we have been helping people live their healthiest and most independent lives for over 80 years. Call one of our five locations to learn more, or contact us today for more information.