Choosing the Right Pharmacy

Even if you’re a relatively healthy person, it’s important to have a good pharmacy that you know you can trust. Even though it may seem like you can find a drugstore on every corner, having a high-quality pharmacy that you know you can turn to when needed is important. Learn more about choosing the right pharmacy below.

Things to Look for In a Pharmacy

A short prescription fill time.

Some large pharmacy chains and drug stores have long prescription fill times and, therefore, long waits. Independent pharmacies are more likely to have shorter wait times and will be able to get you the medication you need faster.

The medication you need.

While many pharmacies are able to fill a wide variety of prescriptions for many medical situations, some may not carry the medication you need. This is especially true if you are experiencing a rare illness or condition. While the doctor who prescribes your medication should be able to tell you which pharmacies can cater to your needs, it never hurts to reach out to them directly to check.

A kind and informative pharmacist.

Your pharmacist should be personable, knowledgeable, and available to answer any questions you may have. If they always seem too busy for you or are consistently rude/short when speaking to you, you may consider taking your business elsewhere.

Multiple refill options.

Having multiple ways to refill your prescription is more important than you may first realize. You should be able to call in a refill, ask for one in-person, or fill out a form online. Depending on your mobility and busy schedule, having a variety of ways to get the medication you need can be crucial to your health.

Individualized services.

Some pharmacies offer individualized services, such as separating out medications in individual packets or compounding options. If you need these services, reach out to your pharmacist and ask if they can provide these services.

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