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What makes a good pharmacy? Is it the amount of time spent filling prescriptions? Is it the amount of services they offer? Or is it the personal touch of a locally-owned business? At Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply, we provide the perfect balance of professionalism you expect and the personal touch you deserve. We are your premier local independent pharmacy that will be here for you long-term.


We pride ourselves on being a no-wait pharmacy. When you bring your prescription to Mullaney’s, we won’t ask you to wait a half hour because we know your time is valuable. We will take your prescription and fill it immediately. Our goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible while still making sure to answer any of your questions about dosage, other drug interactions, and possible side effects.


At Mullaney’s Pharmacy, we use the latest innovative techniques, including our Medi+Pak packaging, Prescription Sync and automatic refill services. We also accept Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance plans, so you don’t have to worry about coverage!

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Unique Services

Mullaney’s Offers Services Not Found at Other Pharmacies


Prescription Sync: Our Prescription Sync program is the perfect option for those with busy schedules or trouble remembering when to refill. We will fill all your prescriptions ON THE SAME DAY each month, and we offer FREE delivery! That means you won’t have to make time to drive to the store or find someone to take you if you can’t get there yourself. We also offer online refills with 24/7 pharmacy assistance to answer your questions about your medication and any concerns you may have.


The Medi+Pak system places all of your medications into pouches organized by day and time, one for every time of every day that you take your medications. No more dividing up pills into medicine containers or wondering if you remembered to take your medication. All you do is open the package, take the medicine within, and you’re done!

Retail Pharmacy

All The Services of a Big Corporation With The Personal Attention You Deserve

Mullaney’s Pharmacy is Cincinnati’s premier independent pharmacy – our fast, friendly service means less waiting and less hassle for you. We provide the highest quality, patient-centered pharmaceutical care throughout the Cincinnati area. Whether you just need a one-time prescription filled or are looking for a new place to go to through multiple medical events, we provide the services you need.


Mullaney’s Independent Pharmacy in Cincinnati makes it easy to fill your prescription. We offer online refills with 24/7 pharmacy assistance to answer your questions about your medication and any concerns you may have. As an independent pharmacy serving Cincinnati, you receive personalized, reliable care from a staff that knows you and your needs.


When you choose Mullaney’s as your retail pharmacy, we collaborate directly with your physician to help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your medication while minimizing possible drug interactions and side effects. We make multiple prescriptions easier to manage and maintain compliance.


Mullaney’s in Cincinnati is committed to on-time order fulfillment, combined with the personalized attention of a locally owned and operated independent business. You can trust Mullaney’s to simplify and streamline your prescription process. Let Mullaney’s experience and knowledge go to work for you.

retail pharmacy

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Trust Mullaney’s To Be There Every Step of The Way

Our Long-Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy has options to make multiple prescriptions easier to manage and maintain compliance. Learn more here. We are committed to on-time order fulfillment combined with the personalized attention of a locally owned and operated independent business. Your Long-Term Care staff is trained on all of our monthly packaging systems and a monthly drug utilization review is conducted by one of our Consultant Pharmacists. We deliver your prescriptions 7 days a week, on time, and throughout Cincinnati. Your medication is delivered by a Mullaney’s employee, meaning no couriers and no searching for orders.


Another way that Mullaney’s is able to provide medications is with the simple TCGRx packaging. See how one facility was able to have more positive patient outcomes and better levels of care with TCGRx packaging.


We also fulfill your medical equipment and supply needs to make sure you’re living your most comfortable and independent life. Mullaney’s will help you select the proper equipment including ostomy, incontinence, enteral feeding, and wound care supplies, as well as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen and bariatric equipment.


For a trustworthy and professional pharmacy with the personal touch you deserve, look no further than your locally-owned pharmacy. Come to Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply for all of your pharmaceutical needs.

Compounding Pharmacy

Combine All Your Medications into One Convenient Pill or Liquid

compounding pharmacy

Along with general pharmaceutical services, we can also create your custom-ordered prescription through our Compounding Pharmacy. This service is the art and science of preparing customized medications. By tailoring your medicine to your exact needs, you can receive the medicine you require in the most comfortable and safe form. Whether you have trouble taking medicine in pill-form, suffer from extreme allergies, or anything in-between, our expert pharmacists are ready to evaluate your needs and provide you with the custom compounding you require. It is the perfect option for children, the elderly, or people who just forget to take their multiple medications!


We also offer our compounding services for pet medications. Have you ever had to give your pet their medicine by hiding it in their food, only to find that they’ve eaten right around it or spit it out? Taste is the primary reason pets refuse to consume their meds, and even though you may get creative with the administration, some animals just seem to be really good at avoiding medicine. That’s why we target the taste of the medicine to each individual pet! If your cat loves tuna, we can flavor the medication and mix it into a tuna-flavored treat. If your dog loves peanut butter, we can formulate a peanut butter snack that completely masks the true flavor of what they have to take. Our veterinary compounding is so trusted, we even do it for the Newport Aquarium!