Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services in Cincinnati

Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply offers long-term care pharmacy services to Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas. We can provide pharmaceutical services to a variety of facilities, including:

– Nursing homes (and other long-term care facilities)
– Assisted living and independent living communities
– Rehabilitation and transitional care facilities
– Other health facilities as needed

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services in Cincinnati

What qualifies as a LTC pharmacy?

A LTC pharmacy assists older adults and senior living communities by providing medication dispensing and delivery. In fact, in order to be considered an official long-term care pharmacy in Cincinnati, you must meet these requirements:

– Prescription processing
Dispensing and delivery
– Medication administration and management
– Return, reuse, and disposal of medications
– Ability to respond to emergencies and fill prescriptions 24/7

Why are LTC pharmacies important?

America is aging, and skilled nursing facilities are booming. With the increase in older adults needing care, many communities are searching for ways to make sure their residents have 24/7 access to the medications they need.


However, long-term care pharmacies do more than simply fill prescriptions. They follow patients through their medical ups and downs and provide consistent support for as long as necessary. LTC pharmacies collaborate directly with your physician to help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your medication. They also work to minimize possible drug interactions and side effects.


Whether you or your loved one is in a health care facility or living at home, trusting a pharmacy with LTC capabilities in Cincinnati can make all the difference.

Mullaney’s Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Cincinnati

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