What Walking Aid Do You Need?

Whether you’re recovering from a medical event or simply need a little help getting around, the experts at Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply can help you find a walking aid that will help you move easier. Mobility is an important part of independence, and finding the right aid can be a life changer. Learn more about the different types of walking aids and which one might be right for you below. 

Types of Walking Aids 


Canes are a popular choice for those who need a little assistance here and there. Many canes are height-adjustable and come with different types of handles for the most comfortable fit. 

Quad Canes 

Quad canes provide more stability than a standard cane but can still easily be transported for use. The wider base allows for more stability and can often bear more weight. If a standard cane doesn’t provide enough support, a quad cane could be the right choice. 


Walkers are designed to be lightweight mobility options that provide a lot of support. The weight capacity varies from walker to walker, but many support between 200-300 pounds.


Also called a “rolling walker,” rollators provide easy movement and stability. Many of them come with a basket to hold oxygen or other medical items. Mullaney’s has lightweight, collapsible rollators that can be taken anywhere to help you keep your independence of movement.

What walking aid do I need? 

The first step in choosing a walking aid is assessing your mobility needs. What difficulties are you having? Has your physician recommended a specific type of aid? Are there specific times, such as going up inclines or stairs, where you notice you need some extra support? Determining where you need the most help will help you decide which aid might be best for you. 

Next, determine how long you’ll need to use your walking aid. If you’re recovering from a medical event, you likely won’t need one long-term. However, if your mobility is consistently decreasing, you might need to plan for the future when making the right choice for you. For example, many canes come with interchangeable tips and handles. You might need a standard cane now, but choosing an option that allows for a quad cane tip can save you money in the future. 

Finally, we recommend testing out a variety of options before making a purchase. Many stores, including Mullaney’s, want you to find the best fit. Therefore, you can try out several options in the store before you go home. 

Find Walking Aids at Mullaney’s 

If you’re looking for high-quality walking aids, come to Mullaney’s Pharmacy + Medical Supply. We have multiple locations throughout the Cincinnati area. Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain your independence with the use of a walking aid. Stop by today for more information.